Contemporary Art in the Countryside


Nestled in the idyllic landscape surrounding the "Gronauer Hof"  lies evoke Art Gallery. Located 15 kilometres northeast of Frankfurt, the historic manor houses a diverse and vibrant display of contemporary art by a select group of international artists. The stark contrast between the charm and nostalgia of the 200 year-old estate and the modern, distinct skyline of Europe's banking capital on the distant horizon, creates a unique backdrop for some extraordinary artworks by the incomparable Zhuang Hong-yi, as well as the largest collection of Julien Rubat paintings on view in Germany. Additional imposing works by glass artist Peter Kuchler III , Claudia Limacher, Zerrouart, Sonia Aumiller, Benoit Sjöholm and Albert Froling have been carefully curated to grace the walls of the "Herrenhaus."


We believe that the value of art can only truly be measured in terms of an artist's ability to move us, which is why each and every exhibition at evoke Art Gallery encapsulates the allure of art in summoning emotion.


To book a viewing or to enquire about an arwork: art@evokeartgallery.com

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